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practical spirituality

  • PANDEMIC MINDFULNESSPracticing Equanimity in a Time of Emergency
    In the face of the coronavirus crisis, Gary Gach shares how we can soothe our feelings of denial, anger, and fear with a helpful dose of equanimity.
  • INSPIRATION : :  27 Vital Aspects of Breath
    Each & any daily activity can be a chance for practicing mindful living. On the path to awakening, the gateway of language is an inevitable & important life encounter to engage with skillfully.

    As a writer, I’ve found writing mindfully is one of my greatest challenges, & deepest nourishments. Being aware of the present moment, being aware of my breathing, holding a pencil & writing — I wrote my most recent book this way.

    Letter by letter, word by word, breathing in & breathing out — in silence.

    Try it some time. Pick something vivid in your life – & stay in touch with your breathing in the present moment, as you tell others about it in words

    Here’s a recent mindful writing exercise I recently enjoyed practicing. “Variations on a Theme.”

    I wrote what was present to my awareness, focusing on my breathing.

    May these variations on a theme be an experience of mindfulness for to breathe with …

  • MINDFULNESS 24/7 : : Five Simple Everyday Practices
    Mindfulness can be defined as the clear and calm energy of an intelligent alertness, spacious and awakening, profound and knowing what needs to be done. The good news is it’s present all the time. It’s inherent in our human inheritance. We need only to remember this. Here are five simple everyday reminders for mindful living, to try for yourself.
  • A BETTER WAY TO BE ALONE  : :  Loneliness from a Buddhist’s Perspective. LoveAgain.com [ reprinted, The Buddhist Channel ]
  • CHILD MINDTeaching the Way of Haiku. May 2015 issue 33. The Dialogue Australasian Network (DAN) 
  • STOP & Breathe …  Tricycle
    This is a practice of stopping … to breathe, and come back to the body,  back to the present body.  
  • A four-part series of reports on Peacemaking: The Power of Nonviolence, convened by HH The Dalai Lama in San Francisco at the Bill Graham auditorium. American Reporter. June 1987.
  • 1 : Blessed Are the Peacemakers ~ Introducing the conference and some of its presenters.
  • 2 : The Dalai Lama as Peacemaker ~ Applying Tibetan Buddhist liberation theology around the world and across the street.
  • 3 : Blessed Are Our Youth ~ A group of young participants spontaneously decided to nonviolently demonstrate at the conference and, in so doing, tested the Dalai Lama’s inspirational liberation theology for themselves.
  • 4 : We Want To Win This War ~ The remarkable story of a Mexico’s youth gang’s self-initiated embrace of nonviolence and positive action.
  • Is Buddhism a Religion? Patheos (with a comment by Dennis Smith) and Faces of the Buddha PBS.org 
  • Different Paths: One Dharma Faces of the Buddha PBS.org [ republished at Patheos 
  • What Would Buddha Do? Faces of the Buddha PBS.org 
  • Reports from the World Buddhist Conference, Malaysia 2010
  • A POSSIBLE FUTURE :: Buddhism in the West. Patheos. July 2015.
  • NOTES FROM A TIDEPOOL :: Mindfulness & Compassion.Enlightenment.com. June 2015.
  • ENGAGED DIALOGUE :: Sulak Sivaraska & Joanna Macy. Part One, Buddhist Peace Fellowship National GatheringPart Two, The Best Dialogue Is Peace. BuddhistChannel.tv. September 2014.
  • TEACHING TRUTHS: Buddha at the Blackboard. Dialogue Australasia: Values, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, May 2011. 
  • Zen & the Art of the Sex Scandal. ReligonDispatches.com 2011. 
  • TO BE CONTINUEDPreface to “Future of Buddhism.” Patheos.com. 2010.
  • How to Take Knowledge from Books & Actively Apply It to Your Life  edited by Ben Skute, in Fupping
  • 3 Inspiring Lessons from the Thai Soccer Team Rescue: A Story of Courage, Resilience, and Community. Live Happy magazine, July 31 2018.

new economics

    1. COMING ALIVE TO REGENERATION : :  Beyond Sustainability; Beyond Impact. (An historical backdrop.) Medium. May 20, 2018.
    2. MUSIC FOR REGENERATION : : Opening Night of Regen18. Medium. May 2, 2018
    3. EJIDO VERDE :: A Model of Regenerative Economics
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    5. THE GOOD NEWS :: Media Outlets Focused on Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing. SOCAP [ Social Capital Markets ]
    6. THE NEXT ECONOMY …   Huffington Post
    7. B CORP  ::  People Using Business as a Force for Good.  Huffington Post
    8. SOCAP  ::  Hub of Impact.  Huffington Post
  1. COMMUNITY CAPITAL   : :  50 x 50Neighborhood Economics
  2. SOCAP Goes Local  ::  MortarNeighborhood Economics
  3. BUDDHISM & RACIAL JUSTICE  : :  Roots of Enslavement — Roots of Liberation.  Huffington Post
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cultural work

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