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  1. Hello Gary,

    First visit, first acquaintance. Your archives are such a rich source of information and good thought, I wait with interest to see what this new venture/pages will bring. Wishing you every success, and that your pages continue to ripple outward and enlighten and delight those ahead of us whom we will never meet.

    I Dream the Children

    I dream the children yet unborn
    that see the bloom I will not see,
    and plant what seeds I have at hand,
    word-watered that they might be spared
    though brief my life and faint the drum
    that conjures up mortality.

    There’s little else life ought,
    a moment here or there, a thought
    against the time they might emerge
    to wonder if we ever knew
    how much was said but never heard,
    as though the dream would make it so.

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