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MINDFULNESS : Full Awareness of Breathing 

Opening of Sustainatopia SF 2016 . Seated in a large circle, attendees introduced themselves . Gary Gach then offered the circle a session of mindfulness. Recording begins mid-sentence ; the speaker has to talk over an air-conditioner which provides a drone throughout .:. May 7, 2016.

Buddhist Wisdom in Uncertain Times

Inaugural Reading of Ko Un’s Flowers of a Moment
Inaugural reading of Flowers of a Moment by Ko Un, translated by Young Moo Kim, Brother Anthony of Taizé, & Gary Gach, at Moe’s Books , Berkeley, California, 2006 Length: 26:55 minutes (8 MB) Format : MP3 Stereo 22kHz 64Kbps (CBR)  .:. March 21, 2014
Poetry & Creativity | Dharma Poetry
May 29, 2015
Gary Gach
Public talk presented 7PM  at Nalanda West, Seattle, Washington, prior to a haiku workshop there the next day. To paraphrase from the introduction: This talk explores bringing our creative expression to the Path, to learn some of the profound and ancient history and practices of using language to deepen our experience of our lives, and our minds, and to make the world a more compassionate place.
WS 600113
Oct 13, 2014
Gary Gach
Mindfulness and the Way of Haiku Inter view : Gary Gach & Mark Gonnerman Autumn Seminar, Sofia University Monday, September 15, 2014 Presentation Center, Santa Cruz Mountaiuns, Los Gatos, California Evening keynote followed the next day by ginko ( haiku nature walk ) 10a.m. to 3PM
Topics: Sofia University, haiku, mindfulness, Mark Gonnerman, Gary Gach, Tao, transpersonal psychology,…
Springtime in Loyang
Mar 21, 2014
Gary Gach
Springtime in Loyang by : Bó Jūyì (Tang) ‘made new’ by CH Kwock & GG Gach Published in Rattle #36 , Tribute to Buddhist Poets
Topics: Bái Jūyì, Po Chü-i, 白居易, Chinese poetry, quatrain, jueju, 絕句, 绝句, T’ang dynasty,…
Alone on Mt Jingting
Mar 21, 2014
Gary Gach
Alone on Mt Jingting , by Li Bai (T’ang) ‘made new’ by CH Kwock and GG Gach Published in Rattle #36 . Tribute to Buddhist Poets .
Topics: Li Bai, 李白, Rihaku, Chinese poetry, quatrain, jueju, 絕句, 绝句, T’ang dynasty, literary…
All Ways
Mar 21, 2014
Gary Gach
excerpt from All Ways : poem Published in Rattle #36 : Tribute to Buddhist Poets “Poetry for the 21st Century”
Topics: brief poetry, haiku, spoken arts
What Is Nirvana ? — from Zen in America, by Adam Tebbe. Filmed at Zen Center, San Francisco. 2:11. July 2015.
GG@ Dharma College

 Gary Gach  opening the packed Beyond Mindfulness panel at Dharma College , an event held as part of the first Bay Area Book Festival , & that also formed an extramural capper to the Mindfulness & Compassion conference at SFSU — — reading mostly from his anthology What Book!? :   Pledge Lawson Fusao Inada   Just Made It Lawson Fusao Inada   Enough David Whyte ” Robert Frost & I … “ Ngodup Paljor   Love After Love Derek Walcott…  Bennett Buchanan, videographer. Aug 4, 2015

Cyber Fiction

 The advent of the computer and the internet provided a totally new platform for story telling. This program looks at a new paradigm for novelists using interactive technology. Demonstrations include writers.net, hooked.net, thetherapist.com, writers.com, and the Alsop Review. Also features collaborative fiction and cyber comics. Guests include Gary Gach, Chris Werby, Mark Dahlby, and Jaimes Alsop. Originally broadcast in 1997.